Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a fabulous Easter weekend and it was great to spend the weekend as a family, but Ben and I both missed home and missed being with everyone. Tough! We did take lots of pics though and took many iphone videos this weekend to send to Walker's fan club!

Some Easter activities included...Arts & crafts Easter projects...

Play-doh making activities....bunnies and eggs

And then we decided to do some cooking....But, first we had to play/build with the ingredients.

Then, we were just hanging around and being silly...Remy just got shaved last week and she looks like a new puppy!

Easter morning brought even more fun with all kinds of Easter stuff...Not only did the Easter bunny come, but Grandma and Grandpa and Nan sent some goodies...So, we had lots of fun opening everything up and playing with some new toys...

Then, we had yet another Easter egg hunt in the yard and there was even a special golden egg...

We finished off our fun day by bringing Remy and Walker to this little lake/nature trail near our house...Remy had a ball and Walker loved throwing sticks/rocks into the water.

It really was a fun weekend! Unfortunately, it did not end that great. Walker caught a stomach bug and has not been himself. He missed school today. I hope he feels better tomorrow.

Hugs and love to all,

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